Observation and spoken language are two basic instruments used in our educational proposals.

The aim of this activity is to improve students’ capacity for written expression based on their experience of art in our rooms.

After a prior selection by their schools, a maximum of five texts by students per exhibition will be chosen after the guided visit, considering their quality, originality or interest, to be posted on the José Guerrero Centre’s webpage.

Requirement: To have taken part in the guided visits.

Prior selection: To be carried out by the school. Three texts maximum per class.

Aimed at: Students from first year Primary to second year Sixth Form or Senior High School.

Length of texts: Twenty lines maximum.

Information to be included: Exhibition visited; name of student, age and year; address and phone number of school.

Delivery: By e-mail (difusió, ordinary post (calle Oficios nº 8, 18001, Granada) or by hand at reception in the José Guerrero Centre or Palacio de los Condes de Gabia in an envelope marked “Crítica Artística desde los Colegios”.