The Friends of the José Guerrero Centre Association (AACJG) is a public initiative whose aim, as stated in its statutes, is to “promote, stimulate and support any cultural activities, in the broadest of terms, related to the mission and activity of the José Guerrero Centre.”

Formally constituted in the summer of 2014, the Association incorporates the spirit of support for the Guerrero Centre expressed during its first decade of operation.

It defends the strong conviction that the Centre represents a necessary foundation for the cultural development of Granada, and understands that its programme of exhibitions and activities is a valuable link to the highest values of contemporary art.

President: Joaquín Peña-Toro Moreno

Secretary: Antonio Collados Alcaide

Treasurer: Esperanza Guillén Marcos

If you wish to become a Friend of the José Guerrero Centre, come join us, you will be welcomed as a new member. You can contact us by e-mail at: