The guided visits to the Guerrero Centre consist of discussion and debate with the aim of exciting one’s capacity for observation and, at the same time, to help those present to put together ideas. We offer three formats:

Guided visits to temporary exhibitions in the José Guerrero Centre.

These are conceived of as a reflexion offering an approach to the often complex visual language of our time, as well as encouraging better understanding, motivation and enjoyment.

Guided visits to the collection of the José Guerrero Centre (works by José Guerrero).

These are sessions in which we address abstraction, which was not only a predominant tendency in the work of Guerrero, but also a fundamental theme in the visual arts of the 20th century.

Guided visits to the José Guerrero Centre as a museum.

In these visits we attempt to explain the raison d’être of a museum institution by means of a tour through the architecture and installations of the Centre.