The José Guerrero Centre was created to culturally enrich the province of Granada with the incorporation of a new patrimonial object and the dissemination of its associated values. The building housing it is fully integrated into the urban heart of the provincial capital, and completes the historic cycle of the cultural occupation of a limited, but dense environment, which makes visible the artistic sensitivity of the inhabitants from the times of Arab domination to the present day. The latter is what the Guerrero Centre represents, thanks to the marked stress on modernity conferred by the figure of José Guerrero. The Centre Collection consists of a careful selection of the artist’s personal collection – the most important in existence – and makes up the foundation of the institution, its museum project and subsequent museographic materialization.

Together with the promotion of contemporary art and culture, the Museum’s main activities are to conserve, exhibit, and disseminate the collection, and to research into Guerrero’s oeuvre.